Celebrating the world's finest travel writing and travel photography

Travellers' Tales Festival is the only event of its kind in the world.

Its aim is to celebrate the very best of the world's travel writing and travel photography, to explore how these media are engaging with the changing realities of today's world, and to gather together those who are involved as makers or consumers.

Festival Director Jonathan Lorie explains:

"In the digital age we are surrounded as never before by pictures and stories from a world that is changing rapidly. Today's travel writers and photographers – and others including foreign correspondents, novelists, bloggers and film-makers – are reporting from the frontiers between many worlds: ancient and modern, wilderness and city, rich and poor, beautiful and wretched, funny and freaky. These are frontiers that are fascinating and important, and no one else can explore them in this uniquely human way.

"Travellers' Tales Festival aims to bring together the finest of this work – stunning pictures, powerful stories – along with the people who made them, and see where the boundaries are and what the future holds."

The festival is organised annually by Travellers' Tales, the UK's leading training agency for travel writing and travel photography. The next festival will be held in spring 2014.


"The event was excellent, with very animated moments" – David Shukman, BBC
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For press information, pictures and interviews, please email us on media@travellerstalesfestival.com.

Press passes are strictly limited because the venue is small. They are available for selected editors, and accredited journalists on a confirmed commission. They must be arranged in advance. There is no press registration on the door. Entry is strictly by ticket or by accreditation in advance. Press interviews and recording is not permitted without prior authorisation from a Festival Director.

Images © Steve Watkins/Vividplanet.com